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As one of the three pilgrimage festivals in which Jews are told to gather and show our faces before God, Passover is rich with themes that can shed light on modern experiences, challenges and gifts. In celebration of Passover 2022, Rabbi Elyssa produced an Autism Awareness podcast. For Passover 2023, Rabbi Elyssa created a Seder Discussion Guide on Immigration. To engage with either, please scroll down.

Seder Discussion Guide on Immigration

After a trip to the US/ Mexican Border in March 2023, Rabbi Elyssa was inspired to create a discussion guide focused on issues of human migration at the time that we are celebrating our freedom from slavery and the ability to have made our Exodus, with God's help.

To download the 3 page guide,

please click the PDF icon.


Peh-Sach Autism Awareness Podcast

Children on the Autism Spectrum, ages 6-16, speak with Rabbi Elyssa about some of the themes and highlights of the Passover story, as well as some less known Jewish legends. You’re invited to listen in and see Judaism’s central story and holiday of Passover from a new perspective! 

Please click the picture to be redirected to more information and the podcast.

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