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Available April 11, 2022

The Hebrew word for Passover, “Peh-Sach”
may be orally divided into two words meaning 
"the mouth that speaks, or a "mouth for conversation. 

“Peh-Sach” is a one-time podcast made by Ivrim Jews Without Borders for Autism Awareness Month and Passover. Children on the Autism Spectrum, ages 6-16, speak with Rabbi Elyssa Austerklein about some of the themes and highlights of the Passover story, as well as some less known Jewish legends on the Passover story. You’re invited to listen in and see Judaism’s central story and holiday of Passover from a new perspective! This podcast is designed for children and adult listeners alike. The podcast will be released on April 11, 2022 days before the holiday of Passover.

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