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Purple Skies

2022 International
Tikkun Leil Shavuot
Night of Study

Saturday June 4  

Sunday June 5 


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Presented by
Ivrim Jews Without Borders

Saturday June 4 


Rabbi Lisa Barrett - (Manchester, UK)          

6pm EST        11pm Local

"Contemplation and Meditation from

Shabbat to Shavuot"

Rabbi Mitch Chefitz - (Miami, FL)          

9pm EST        9pm Local

"Becoming Moses: Midrash Old and New"


Rabbi Ora Weiss - (Boston, MA)            

10pm  EST      10pm Local

"What will you hear from God tonight?"


Rabbi Mark Novak - (Washington DC)     

11pm EST     11pm Local

"Sinai in Story & Song:

A Music & Story Fest"


Sunday June 5

Rabbi Sylvia Rothschild - (Milan, Italy)

7am EST  1pm Local



Rabbi Elyssa Austerklein - (Akron, OH)              

8am EST   8am Local

"Angels in the Name of YHWH"

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Shavuot sign up

I want to learn with rabbis from around the world!
                 Suggested donation $12 - $72

Please check all sessions you plan on attending:

We look forward to learning with you!

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Ivrim Jews Without Borders is a registered 501c3. 
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